Posted by: Mindy | September 27, 2012

It must be Spring

We are painting the house again. When I say we, I’m providing moral support and occassionally picking up a paintbrush while hubby does the bulk of it. I have saved him hours of mind numbing tedium by taping up the windows before we paint the window frames though. You can just paint straight onto the glass and scrape if off later with a paint scraper, but I’ve done that before and I find it even more soul destroying than taping the windows in the first place. Plus when you tape you get to pull off the tape leaving (if you have been careful enough) lovely clean lines of painted wood and clean glass. Unfortunately this also means that you can see how dirty the windows are and have to clean them inside and out. Or at least I do.

We have been wanting to change the basic colour of the house for a while now but were having difficulty deciding on a colour scheme. We have seen a few we liked but they were all on small weatherboard cottages and we weren’t sure how it would translate to a bigger weatherboard house. Then at Easter we visted my brother and his family in Queensland and across the road from them was a beautiful two storey weatherboard Queenslander house with a colour scheme hubby instantly fell in love with. I was sceptical at first, but now I have to agree that it was a good choice.

We have been getting colour advice from friends of ours who have a good eye for colour. One of them suggested that we paint the front door a different but complementary colour. So I went looking at heritage reds and greens. Then I saw a colour and instantly knew it had to be that. I knew hubby would be sceptical but I went for it anyway. It will look awesome I assured him. He believed me.

And that is how we came to have a purple front door. I like it. Which is good, because it will be very tough to paint over!

Purple door



  1. Purple is fabulous. I look forward to seeing photos of the rest of the paint job. PS. Do we still have a cunning plan for a pizza party sleep over campout weekend at your place closer to summer?

  2. Yes, yes we do.

  3. Envious of your glorious purple door!

  4. Dear Mindy,

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you in this roundabout way, but I’m writing on behalf of the Australian Women Writers Challenge team and would like to thank you for your participation in the AWW challenge this year. I was also wondering if you’ve seen our feedback survey?

    It’s very quick (10 questions, mostly check boxes, takes 2 minutes) and it will provide useful feedback to Bookseller & Publisher.

    Even if you didn’t reach your goal this year, your feedback is valued, and I hope you’ll join us again for AWW Challenge 2013.

    Kind regards,

    • So sorry ladyredjess I didn’t come back to the blog in time to do your quiz. But I am back for AWW 2013!

      • No worries Mindy, it’s great that you’re participating again this year! Cheers, Jessica.

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