Posted by: Mindy | December 18, 2011

December at my place

Bluemilk has a post on ‘December looks like this (2011)‘ and has invited everyone to play. Since it has been a while since I have posted anything here, I decided to kick off again with a photo essay on ‘December looks like this (2011)’.

First up:

It doesn’t look like it will ever be my turn to have the remote.

We need to get onto the weed control.

Hoping for a good crop of apples.

Looking forward to warm afternoons picking and eating raspberries straight from the canes.

Some lovely things emerging from the garden after the danger of frost is gone.

The Xmas tree is up early, groaning under the weight of its decorations and the occassional kitten.

We haven’t escaped the Goddam Craft, this came home from school, I suspect it is a great way to use up time and old Womans Weeklys.

It is only day two of the holidays and already two glasses of milk have been spilt on the floor. February seems such a very long time away.



  1. Your part of the world is so lovely. I’m very envious.

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