Posted by: Mindy | June 13, 2010

Theatre in Yass

Last night I went to the Yass Rep. Society series of Three One Act Plays. I was invited by a friend from work, for a mini girls night out. I’ve been meaning to go to one of their productions for ages but never got around to it before so I jumped at the chance.

I’d been warned that the theatre was cold, so I rugged up (okay I wore my ugg boot slippers) and sat down in a seat made for less amply padded people; the theatre seats are the original seats from the art deco cinema; managed to tip most of the contents of my handbag onto the floor which took a lot of rustling and key jingling to put back and then the show began.

The first play was four people sitting in a waiting room, waiting for something that they weren’t even sure of, and generally behaving badly. It was quite good and featured one of my neighbours who was excellent. It also made me feel uncomfortably like I could easily be one of the characters.

The second play was just two people and two chairs, a cafe table,  a Patrick White book and a bell, one of those round ones with the striker in the middle. Whenever the conversation took a turn that either of the people didn’t like, they hit the bell and the conversation could start again from a particular point. It was amazing, learning the lines must have been a right pain, but they delivered it beautifully. I didn’t want it to end. I also wanted to know where the lady on stage got her gorgeous knee high boots and where I could get one of those bells.

The third and final play was a pantomime complete with fairy and stagehand to hold up signs to say boo and cheer, which the audience did enthusiastically. The acting was beautifully hammy and just perfect. Another of my very talented neighbours featured in this one. He has a beautiful singing voice.

It was so good I’m planning to go again before the run finishes. I’m going to get one of the crocheted rugs that they hand out at the entry to the theatre seating this time. It really was cold in the theatre.



  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. I am dying to see inside the old theatre.

  2. You can only see bits of it because a stage has been built for the rep society, but the bits of it you can see are lovely. I think the light fittings are original and are quite gorgeous.

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