Posted by: Mindy | June 10, 2010


Anyway the show must go on. While we were building and for a while after we moved in we used a set of metal steps to get in and out of the house. They were a bit dodgy since they weren’t made for our house and were propped up on bits of wood and not secured to the house. So with our first Easter in the house almost upon us and carloads of friends coming to visit we thought we’d better actually make it possible to get into the house safely.  So we put on steps on the front and back. Again the pictures are a bit all over the place.

We did the back steps first because they were smaller.

So the stairs are fixed to the house and also concreted into the ground. Very secure. Then they were painted, hand rails attached and finally people could enter the house easily. Which was nice, since we still had reasonably small children and going up and down the metal steps with babe in arms was sometimes a bit scary.



  1. It’s a bit tragic how much I like having a rule named after me.

    Also, very nice steps. Making steps is impressive.

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