Posted by: Mindy | June 9, 2010

Plan of action

I am hiring a fox trap from the Tablelands LHPA to see if I can catch me a fox. If so, I will then call someone to come and humanely deal with it for me. For anyone concerned about the fox, the traps aren’t always successful so it may come to nothing, but at least I will have tried.

In order to protect future chookies, I am going to spend a large part of the weekend putting fence wire around the base of the enclosure then covering it over with topsoil. There is plenty of grass seeding in the paddock at the moment, so getting grass to grow over it shouldn’t be a problem and it won’t be a trip hazard. Then I will make the enclosure secure by taking out the chookie flap which will mean that I have to let the chooks out each morning, although they will still have a small yard to walk around with food and water if I forget, but I will still have chooks to let out. So either way this fox is not getting any more chookies of mine if I can help it.  The only problem is that if I’m working on the chook enclosure the kids are going to ask where the chooks are. There are going to be some tears this weekend.

Update: the fox trap is now in place. I’m expecting to  be letting out either one of our cats or the neighbours’ cat each morning, but I live in hope of finding a fox.


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