Posted by: Mindy | June 7, 2010


Seems that a fox came last night. There is no trace of my beautiful chookies. The neighbours lost theirs last weekend.

Update: definitely a fox. I found Beryl and Sarah-Jenny. They are buried under their favourite dust-bathing tree. There were some feathers, but no Madge. I spoke to Scott at Livestock Health and Pest Authority today – he said a fox will come in and kill a whole yard full of chooks, even if they only eat one. No reason why that anyone has been able to figure out.



  1. Oh dear. Poor things. That’s a shock.

  2. oh bugger

  3. Oh no, how sad. I am sorry. My neighbours lost 8 a couple of months ago but think it was a dog(s).

  4. Thanks Mouse and DV.

    Hi Jo, I think I read about your neighbours in the Trib? You don’t realise how attached you get until something like this happens.

  5. My chooks are not quite pets but I’d be very sorry to see them all go suddenly as yours have. They are familiar friends wandering around the yard and you are constantly thinking about which grub or kitchen scrap they’d love to eat.

    • Yeah, a lot of the enjoyment I got from having chooks, apart from the fresh eggs, was finding bugs and things for them to eat. I also loved their personalities. Sarah-Jenny got impatient with me when I didn’t pull out weeds quick enough so she could look for worms and always wanted me to put out more scratch mix for her. Madge always looked forward to the kitchen scraps and Beryl was sort of in-between the two. I loved the way they followed me across the paddock in a line and how they would race up and down the fenceline when they saw me coming, and how they would watch me, clucking concernedly, when I collected their eggs. I always assumed that they would die of old age, that I would have a heap of elderly chooks who only occassionally laid an egg and enjoyed the last of their days dustbathing in the sun. I guess I was wrong.

  6. 😦

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