Posted by: Mindy | June 6, 2010

More mucking around in the garden

It was such a nice afternoon again that I tackled some more long overdue projects in the garden. We took out masses of rocket that had gone to seed, and left one batch to seed – it was only one plant last year that I got seeds off and put all over the garden which resulted in about 10 plants. I also cleaned up the last of the tomato vine and rhubarb which uncovered a whole nest of slaters. So I let the chooks out and spent a fruitless five minutes trying to get one of them to come and see if they liked slaters. Of course when I walked away she found them all by herself. When I came back she was making the chookie equivalent of mmmmmmm noises, but very quietly so the other two chookies didn’t hear.

I also did some pruning and chopped away weeds from under the drip lines of the fruit trees. Then we trooped off into the paddock to find some horse poo to put on the garden (neighbour’s horses, they just eat the grass for us) which according to our four year old should make the horses very happy. She also told us that the dung beetles that we found told her that they just wanted to be left alone.

Then I amused myself in the garden by pulling out weeds and saying ‘take that you monocot!’* I did learn something on that four days of training in plant ID afterall. After that we did a bit of wandering and looking at trees and stuff around the place.

Finally when it was getting dark I opened up the gate to the chook house and all the chookies trooped in to go to bed. I love how they get tame enough to follow you around. Cupboard love for sure, but still nice.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon really.

*monocot: plant with one big tap root. Plants with lots of roots are dicots.


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