Posted by: Mindy | June 5, 2010

Up to my elbows

I had a lovely afternoon in the garden, chopping away weeds from around the citrus trees (all two of them), watering, feeding, cleaning out the straw in the chook house and putting it around the citrus, putting fresh straw in the chook house, picking up horse poo to put around the citrus trees. Looks like we might get a good harvest of lemons again this year. If we remember to spray the nectarine for curly leaf we might also get a good crop of nectarines. Now I have to find a space for the new almond tree and the Chinese peach tree.  Not a bad problem to have really.

In pizza oven news the shop selling the fireclay needed for this weekend closed at 4.30pm on Friday, as hubby discovered when he arrived at 4.50pm on Friday. So the long weekend will be pizza oven making weekend.

The first Farmer’s Market was on today as well. It officially kicked off at 11.30am, but by the time we got there at 11.40 the place was packed and a lot of the produce had already sold. Friends of ours who got there earlier talked to the baker, who had only a couple of baskets of bagels left, who said he set up at 10am and people were around then so he started selling his stuff. By the number of plastic bread trays around he bought a fair amount of  stuff with him too. Next time I suspect he will bring a lot more. The guy selling Batlow (an apple growing region in NSW) apples packed up at around 12.15pm having sold out too. I hope the good turn out continues and that producers keep coming. I’m looking forward to fresh bagels for breakfast.



  1. I was hoping to go to the market but didn’t get home till later than planned. Lucky I didn’t bother as it sounds like it all sold quickly. I’ll try to go early for the next one.

  2. I think we’ll try to go early too!

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