Posted by: Mindy | June 4, 2010

Tiny Spidey vs Goliath the Fly

Well the fly wasn’t really that big. Just one of those annoying houseflies, flitting around the bottom of the windscreen. I think it was still warming up because it was pretty slow. I was driving so I didn’t try and swat it. But it kept moving and attracting my attention. Then it got caught in a tiny web in the corner of the windscreen, got free, then got caught again. It buzzed for a couple of seconds, then a tiny tiny spider, probably about 1/3 the size of the fly raced out over the web and jumped on the fly. Then ensued a mighty battle which lasted from the Gunghalin Drive Extension to Woden (about 15 minutes drive mid morning) and which was still going when I parked the car. Fortunately I managed to keep enough of an eye on the road to get us safely to our destination. When I got back about an hour later Goliath the Fly was deceased. I imagine Tiny Spidey was having a big feast.

Then on the way home another, slightly larger spider (but still tiny) was running around the dashboard and got stuck in the web too. Tiny Spidey didn’t appear. I’m assuming it was either too full or too frightened. I think I might be growing fond of Tiny Spidey. Anything that eats those annoying houseflies is a winner in my book.


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