Posted by: Mindy | May 25, 2010

The Kitchen

The Thirdcat rule kicks in here again. As we were past lock up stage we were no longer at the house full time, hubby had gone back to work and a lot of what was happening with the house happened in the evenings and on weekends. We couldn’t move in until the kitchen and one bathroom were in so we focused on those.

This is the only picture I can find of the unfinished kitchen. As you can see we have already started fitting the cupboards and the floor is tiled.

This is a flat pack kitchen from Laminex. It was cheaper than getting a company to do it by many thousands of dollars. Also, I liked the look of the doors and cupboards and we couldn’t find this look anywhere else. We did a lot of looking.

We put in a pantry, because I grew up in a house with a pantry and really liked it. Having lived with it now for 4 years we’ll probably take it out and put in floor to ceiling cupboards when we renovate, but that won’t be for many years yet. The cat flap was supposed to go in the laundry, but someone forgot and tiled over the space, so it is now in the pantry at the end. Above is a shelf holding the microwave and on the left hand wall are three shelves for holding stuff and at the other end is a set of three large shelves which hold a lot of junk really that I should go through, or even better have someone else come in and take away because I really wouldn’t miss most of it I suspect.

This is the finished kitchen with green glass splashbacks. When we chose these we had already chosen the cupboards, otherwise I would have gone for the blood red glass splashbacks and designed my kitchen around them. They really were spectacular. I think one of the things we will definitely do in time is get in a colour consultant and put some colour into the house.


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