Posted by: Mindy | May 17, 2010

Water tank and Bio-septic

As we don’t have either town water or sewage out here, a water tank and a septic system had to be put in. The council said it had to be a bio septic system – where the water is treated and pumped out as grey water onto garden beds or paddocks. Luckily for us this means we had water for our trees/windbreak and house gardens (but not root vegies) so even if we hadn’t had to have one we probably would have anyway.

The first bit was earthworks so that the tank had somewhere flat to sit. They started with an excavator and finished with a bobcat.

Then we jump to the tank magically appearing on site. It’s call the Thirdcat rule.* Next to the tank you can see the hole dug for the Bio-septic.

The hole for the Bio-septic had to be a certain depth, but not too deep, and level across the bottom, so the Worker Ant Army used sand to ensure it was completely level, because the two tanks connect together. Then the man delivering the tanks does some fancy work while everyone stands around watching and thinking “OMG I hope he doesn’t drop one of those things”.

Then having got the first tank in and orientated the right way, he puts the second one in, without bumping the first one and getting it exactly right so that the two will connect up. You couldn’t pay me to do this job for quids. Nor after the first three or four breakages, would you.

We were also helped by our neighbours who lent us a very long hose and attached it to their bore so that we could put water in the water tank so it wouldn’t blow away. They also kindly allowed us the use of their bore and long hose to fill up the Bio-septic with water to get it started.

We also used their bore to top up our temporary tank that supplied drinking water while we were building. Bore water here is very sweet and so are our neighbours.

* the longer something goes on, the less likely you are to take photos of it.


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