Posted by: Mindy | May 15, 2010

Pizza Oven #2

The building of the base has begun. We bought 200 dried kiln seconds today which hubby is using to build the base. It will be about 8 courses of bricks high when finished. Today we got up to five.

It was another glorious autumn day today. It is my favourite time of year. The daisies around the house are flowering their heads off, and it’s not too cold to enjoy being outside.

The daisies are being visited by hordes of tiny grey butterflies, which actually have iridescent blue wings from the right angle, who fly up in drifts when you walk past, almost as if you walking past pushes them along on a breeze. G caught one and brought it into the house a couple of weekends ago. She proudly told me its name was Paddy. Lucky for Paddy he got taken back outside ‘to be with his mum and dad’.


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