Posted by: Mindy | May 12, 2010

About here the gaps in the photos start

Doing the decking took ages, but somehow we didn’t manage to get a photo of it.  There was lots of measuring, counting, cutting, nailing and swearing but it finally got completed. It looks fantastic and having an all around deck is just brilliant. The Worker Ant Army, or bits of it, including one of our neighbours, came and helped hubby put up the roof. It was quite a complicated procedure.  A lot of the timber was pre-painted by me, since that was one job I could do, so that saved us lots of time later although it all got a second coat.



  1. The reason you didn’t get a photo is because the longer something goes on, the less likely are the chances that you will get a photo of it. It’s a law, but I’m not sure what its name is.

  2. In the absence of anyone to tell me different I am naming it the ThirdCat rule then.

  3. I only just saw this! It made me laugh.

  4. I can’t promise it will catch on, but you never know.

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