Posted by: Mindy | May 9, 2010

We interrupt our normal transmission…

… to bring you breaking news of the pizza oven. It has begun.

The foreman began giving instructions yesterday afternoon and work commenced. A section of former sandpit wad dug out, formwork was constructed, concrete was mixed, reinforcing steel tied, concrete poured and screeded.

So we have a slab curing and ready to be built on next weekend or thereabouts. By then we should also, hopefully, have settled on a design.

In other news it was quite foggy this morning.

The fog started to lift around 10ish and it is now one of those lovely autumn days that make you wish you had a laptop and wi-fi connection so that you could blog and waste time on the internet outside.



  1. Keep us informed on the progress. We are looking forward to help break in the oven when it’s finished.

    I’m also thinking about bringing the lads down to the ACT area to see fireworks on the long weekend. Just a tentative plan at the moment. We shall see how that festers.

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