Posted by: Mindy | May 8, 2010


When deciding on how we wanted the house to look we decided that we wanted a ‘Colonial look’. Another reason for choosing Harkaway was that they designed the type of house we wanted. Then we had to decide what type of outer skin. We could have used bricks, Hebel, weather board or Wethertex. We chose to use Weathertex which is a product designed to look like weather boards without the hassle of maintaining weatherboards, which have to be painted regularly, and a lot less expensive. They are also, apparently, easier to put up.

The first step is wrapping the building in foil which is a vapour permeable barrier designed to add insulation and reduce the risk of condensation forming inside the wall. Exactly how, I have no idea.

They did one wall at a time then started the cladding. Of course there was lots of measuring and planning and arguing about all of this before the first bit got put on. And here’s a picture.


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