Posted by: Mindy | May 4, 2010

More Worker Ant Army

I have found even more pictures of my worker ant army (bwahhaha) and it was bigger than I thought.

But first some more pictures of how the Unipiers went in. As this is what holds up the floor and the house, it had to be absolutely level which is pretty tricky across 150 individual piers. I’m so glad I had nothing to do with it. I’m just not good at that level of detail.

It is a bit tricky to see the detail, but there is a yellow string line around the outside that shows the position and height of the outside unipiers, and on each cement footing is a cross put there by Harry with a tiny level to show that he had leveled each concrete footing. We owe him a really big reno one day. Each one had to be screwed to the concrete footing, then the top bit went on and had to be screwed on in exactly the right spot so that it was all level. 150 times. A little tedious but so bad if you get it wrong. I should also say here that the lovely Matt worked out for us, with only a ten buck calculator and the back of an envelope, how much concrete we needed to order (it came in one of those big trucks) to within a bucket load (ie a 10L bucket) which is just outstanding.  We probably owe him a big reno too. In fact I should have said it a post or two ago but hubby only reminded me last night, so I’m blaming him.

Now back to my lovely worker ant army. We have my Mum-in-law with the helpful three year old; my father-in-law on the left with hubby; and Matt in the foreground with hubby and (bits of) FIL. Matt said he wasn’t going to wash his jeans as the filthy look was in fashion in Sydney and he hadn’t had to spend hundreds of dollars to get the look, only indulge in some hard physical labour. Happy to be of assistance.


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