Posted by: Mindy | May 1, 2010

In the beginning…

there were pictures of the block of land, but who knows where they are now. So here is a picture of the earthworks that surprised us with their scope. By that I mean we had no idea we would need to do so much to make a flat house site. Our other option was to have one side of the house about 2m off the ground which we thought might look a little unusual. So we did this instead.

We had to put the road in first, and you can see some of how the original block looked behind it, before the earthworks started.

And this was a bit later on again.

On the left hand side is the road and vehicles putting in the road as seen in the photo above and this is the actual house site.



  1. Did you get to drive that digging thing?

  2. No, something about being 7 months pregnant and OHS issues. To be honest, I’m not sure I could have either climbed up to the cab, nor fit in it.

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